Monday, 10 May 2010

Mid Way Thru - Charitable Visit to Bentong

Bentong is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and streams. Everyone from the city would want to come to this place for a break.

We ordered our cakes at a local bakery, lunch at Restaurant SHL and Ice Cream! Yes, the ever famous hand-made ice cream in Bentong, no you don't have to go to the shop, they send to Restaurant SHL so that we could save our time, wonderful idea isn't it?
This is Kow Po, the "must-stop" for day tripper, to savor its ice kacang and chendol topped with ice cream. Closed when we came for the recci, how disappointed!

This time is a 'mega project' indeed.

Never in my wildest dream that this Bentong visit will raise so much funds and attracted so overwhelming response from everyone. A record breaking donation was from Ms Janice (Mr Goh HF family) who called me up from Kepong after reading thru this blog and decided to partake in this drive by contributing cash to our funds. Thank you Janice for giving us your support and you certainly have a BIG heart! and we really hope to meet with you and your family together in Bentong.

Apart from our usual group of friends and relatives, our Spiritual Leader, aka Mr Ngo Chong Let has led his side of the fund raising and managed to bring the total sum to a new high, which comes to a total of RM11,970.00 and counting! The list of generous contributors updated as at 12 May 2010 is as follows (please click on worksheet to enlarge):

People are not only donating their cash, food and usable items, most of them had wanted to join in the visit. With more than 20 cars to form the entourage, I think I should better hire a bus to off load some of the coordination works.

So, we are half-way thru now with all preparation work and are expecting more donations to come with final details to discuss with relevant parties, i.e ordering of food, games, purchasing of furnitures for the old folks home and another site visit before everyone goes on the road.

Once again, BRAVO my comrades and buddies, the unfortunates are so blessed by your generousity, kindness and love for others! May you be well and healthy always!

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