Thursday, 27 May 2010

The True Spirit of Giving - Happy Wesak Day

The Buddha taught that when we give to others, we give without expectation of reward. We give without attaching expectation to either the gift or the recipient. We practice giving to release greed and self-clinging. Wisdom teaches us that there is giving and receiving, but there are no givers and no receivers.

I have learned that in Japan, when monks carry out traditional alms begging, they wear huge straw hat that partly obscure their faces. The hat also prevent them from seeing the faces of those giving them alms. No giver, no receiver; this is pure giving.

Our visit to Bentong Old Folks Home and Pusat Harapan Kampong Perting for the Mentally & Physically Disabled Children is just two days after Wesak Day. With the hearts that practising the essence of true Buddha basic teaching of loving kindness, our group members have really lived up to the spirit of GIVING. I congratulate you, my friends, who come unreservedly in donating your cash and kind in making this trip a huge success.

Records below shows:

1. A total of cash RM13,357.40 was collected and the money was channeled into buying items required by the homes i.e. furnitures, computer, gifts for the old folks and children and as well as making cash donations to the respective homes.

2. The total estimated value of contribution in-kind and sponsorship is at RM5,000.00 including groceries, projector, 29" TV, Microwave, T-shirts and Lunch sponsored by generous donors.

We have achieved the highest contribution this round. But, no one has so far come asking me how is the fund being utilised or where and how are we distributing the donated items?

I must tell you something, my friends, that I truly enjoyed doing this work that help spread love around and most importantly, I enjoy having you as my friend, a practising Buddha。

Happy Wesak Day and lets have a wonderful time in Bentong. Cheers~

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