Monday, 31 May 2010

A Near Perfection Charitable Visit

The first most important task before reporting this Charitable visit is to Thank The Almighty God for allowing us the great weather in order for us to complete this mission to Bentong!

For the record, we have received a further RM100.00 donation from Mr Lim Ah Heng on the departure day and also stationery sets from Ms Nicole.

There were many amazing moments throughout the journey, and I shall let the pictures do the talking:~

This is the T-Shirt worn by all participants and was sponsored by Ms Tai Sook Yee

The early morning shower of blessing made us bundled up all the goodies

It was bright and shinny arriving Batu Caves, everyone feels like warming up
to the 272 steps....

On the right is our Spiritual Leader, aka Mr Ngo Chong Let who help raised a substantial sum
close to RM6,000.00 and to his left is Mr Khoo Liang Eng, also a very kind and supportive friend who brought his family along to this visit

My group of lovely nephew, children, girl friend and sister-in law
My beloved brother, Yap Yin Hong with his three handsome and eligible princes

Eldest brother Yin Hoong and his wife Su, with daughter Jasmine, third brother Yin Hong
and his son Yang

Three regular faces in charity events, from right Yong Chee Kin, Bor Ngee Wha and K.C. Yap

Mr & Mrs Lau Beng Chiang and his family with Mr Lai Teck Keong at the background
Mr Lai Teck Keong and Mr Ten Kum Hong

Mr Lim Ah Heng, joined us at the eleventh hour, welcome on board my old friend

Program briefing

Mr Lai taking attendance

One happy family, Mr Steven Kok and family

Another big hearted friend, Mr Seow Pooi Kee

Sister-in law Ms Tai Sook Yee and my little sweetie, Valerie

All time supporter, more than Manchester United fans, she is non other than
our Sifu, Mdm Choong Sai Moi

mmmm...Datin....Cindy Chow and Irene Kon

Everyone, unload red colour ribbon packages only, save the
green ones for the children centre

Inculcating loving, kindness and sharing from young, this is a classic leadership by example

Never fail to turn up each time we organise the trip, Steven and his pretty wife, Penny with lovely children
Mr Bor and wife Karin and lovely Alvyna

Valerie and best friend, Alvy

Notice the sofa at the background? It was your generosity that the old folks get to enjoy
Getting ready to sing Theresa Teng all times favorites

Mr Leong, the Deputy Chairman to Bentong Old Folks Home delivering his welcome speech

In his breaking up voice, this uncle wish to say thank you on behalf of his friends and also prayed for peace to the world before we sing Birthday song to everyone who celebrate birthday in May

Is gifts time

Our spiritual leader, Mr Ngo Chong Let and his son, Chi Chao
daughter, Xing Ying

Busy selecting their reading glasses

Mr Ngo presenting our donation to the old folk home, cheque received on behalf
by Mr Leong

Although he can't see and can't walk properly, and yet he is willing to participate
in our group photography

Some folks cannot join us, I don't have to explain why
but this one is certainly memorable to all

Next stop, Pusat Pemulihan Harian Kanak-kanak Istimewa

Due to narrow lanes in the village, buses stopped us some 500m
from the centre

Yang and Hang, is time to tone up your muscles right?

The centre chairman, Mr Daniel See giving his welcoming speech

These are the souvenirs for sale, our participants were most
enthusiastic over the purchase

This smile, is priceless

Ngo Xing Ying and her friends

From left, June Hwang, Irene Kon and Cindy Chow

My lovely grown-ups , Villi and Vivian
The centre teachers are singing us the song
感恩有你, very touching

Cheque presentation by our Representative, Ms Tai Sook Yee to
Mr Daniel See, looking on is Teacher Ms Yong

An appreciation acknowledgment from the centre

Credit to Nicole for sponsoring additional stationery on the very day before we depart
The children were overwhelmed by the gifts!

Is lunch time, at SHL Restaurant
Meal Sponsored by Mr Yap Yin Hong
Ice Cream Sponsored by Vivian and Villi

Arrival at the Buddhist Dharma University, we were received by
宗严法师, 宗度学师, 宗立法师 及 宗依法师

So blessed...Tek Yeh and Yap Yang

Is nap time...poor daddy

An ever cheerful 宗严法师 with us

Serene environment for meditation

宗严法师 giving us her welcoming briefing of the
Buddhist Dharma University

Our contribution to Buddhist Dharma Uni, represented by Mr Khoo Liang Eng
and receive on behalf by 宗严法师

Personal contribution by Mdm June Hwang

Appreciation from Buddhist Dharma University
Mission Accomplished. God Bless all of you, My dear Friends!


JLim said...

good jobs and keep up the charitable works!

Chong family said...

Hi, I wonder if its possible for my family and I to join future charity activity?

Swiss Palma said...

Hi Chong,

You are most welcome to join us, most likely every six months or so we will plan one. Keep log in here for future projects ya!

Thank you and God Bless your family!

Jacqueline said...

I am very happy to see that your community had chosen my grandparents and mother's hometown. It's such a pleasant feeling to see your contributions to a small town like Bentong. I am seeking to join one of the enthusiatic groups like yours. Hope you don't mind me joining in the upcoming excitements. I will be delighted to pool in my resources, if i could.

Swiss Palma said...

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for the comment and certainly welcome yr participation in the future visits. The more the merrier!

Thank you once again!