Saturday, 24 February 2007


Most people are having the thought of doing charity. Some say they will do it one day, some say I want to help, but how? Some say, when the people approach me, I will help. Some say I don't have spare time right now, I will do it when I am older.

These are the typical scenarios where one's determination to help others has taken a backseat from the day to day priorities. Why not let this serve as a wake up call to tell you how you could take the first step?

You do not need to have a lot of money when it comes to giving financially. There are many ways to help monetarily, through fund raising events, donations to the needy, through your place of employment or paying online to the charitable organizations. On the other hand, participating in charity by giving your time can be an even more rewarding and fulfilling way to help as there is no other way you could describe the effect on the first hand experience. However, you need to take into consideration the constraints of time, the proximity and logistic, and most importantly, the impact the experience may bring onto you.

The next question you will ask is WHERE do I start? or WHICH is the place or organisation to choose from? There are people who need help everywhere. The best way to begin is to ask yourself this question: "What means the most to me?" Think about the things most important to you, for example you may opt to begin your noble journey by choosing a charitable organistion whose cause/mission has a direct relation to your personal life experience or someone dear to you. Reflect on this and it should help you find the first charity.

It is very easy to get started on giving back through a charity. All you need is the sincere willingness to help, then plan your time and resources in order to achieve this objective. You will then discover the enormous feeling of happiness in you.

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aida said...

Tqvm for creating this blog.
Now, i know where to go when me & family would like to share our love & care....