Thursday, 22 February 2007


Gong Xi Fa Cai to everybody who is reading this blog...I am truly excited that many people out there are a caring lot. As I can see from my sitemeter, people logged in to find out the locations of the Old Folks Homes and Orphanages, I am sure most of them were checking out the places to visit during these auspicious days to share the joy of new year with the less fortunate.

Keep it up friends, please spread your LOVE, tell the people around you that the Less Fortunate Ones are waiting for your visit. They don't mind if there are no Ang Pows, but rather your mere presence with some New Year cookies and mandarine oranges are the best gifts. All they want is your care and love.

Listed below are some Orphanages located around the Klang Valley:

1. Persatuan Pure Life - 03-77829391 contact Ms Tam Sin Sing
2. Rumah Charis - 03-77844645 contact Ms Suzanne Lee
3. Rumah Hope - 03-7954 5523 contact Ms. Ruku
4. Rumah Ozanam - 03-77819090 contact Datuk Joseph Ragaratman
5. Rumah Sayangan - 03-91303687 contact Ms Charissa Giam
6. Compassion Home - 03-56379366 contact Mr Paul
7. Rumah Faith - 03-87364500 contact Ms Catherine
8. Sunbeams Home - 03-42960867 contact Pastor Alvin Tan
9. Rumah Impian - 03-78043451 contact Mdm Valerie Tan
10. Rumah Triniti - 03-7785 7808 contact Ms Mathilda

and the Homes as well:

1. Rumah Orang-orang Tua Ampang - 03-42918978
2. Little Sisters Of The Poor (Cheras)- 03-91311464
3. YMCA Senior Citizens Club - 03-22741439
4. Rumah Charis -03-78915977
5. Home For The Aged -03-91311464

There are many more homes awaiting your visit, do feel free to check out this site for more informations.

By the way, please don't forget to buy your New Year cookies from Organisations like this one who baked cookies for fund raising:

Wishing you an enjoyable experience!


Vikram said...

Thanks for the info.

Swiss Palma said...

You are most welcome!

Kan said...

hi, miss swiss palma! jz wanna ask, r there any homes/ skools in need of books like story books, revision books, etc, near ampang area?

Swiss Palma said...

Hi Kan,

You may donate your items to:
1. Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd - 03-42563941/03-42563852
2. Rumah Bakti - 03-42568880 / 03-42514811
3. Miracle Home - 03-21419040

The above homes are located around Ampang area. Happy Vesak Day!

Jackson said...

Hi Swiss Palma,

Was thinking about helping out sometime, some volunteer work and at the same time donate items that are needed.

Any advice on how I could begin?

Anonymous said...

hey Swiss Palma ,

i've just recently finished my ns stint ( 1st batch ) and am currently finding the means to help out at orphanages. Any idea how and where i should begin? college intake is in July and i feel like i could use the i have to do something useful...

Swiss Palma said...

Hi Jackson and anonymous,

I have encountered some problems with my blog and the reply to your comments earlier was not published, and the blog was missing from the site...finally got it back now, wheww..

ok, I suggest that if you are doing charity work on your own, why not enrol yourself to the local organisations such as: Mercy Malaysia, The Red Crescent, World Vision Malaysia, T-Ratana, Tzu Chi Malaysia, etc. They have a lot of programs visiting homes and helping out the needies and they need volunteers like you, pls approach any of them, they will be more than happy to receive your help! May God Bless you both always.

Anonymous said...

dear swiss palma...
can i get addresses for old folks homes near shah alam area?
somewhere in klang, sg buloh, subang jaya or petaling jaya..

Anonymous said...

hello ms swiss palma .. can i get any info for orphanage at cheras area and the amount of people .. i wish to buy some milk and biscuit for them ... thanks...

andrena said...

hi miss swiss!im from ipoh..can i know some orphanage homes around ipoh??

Anonymous said...

love your background music-soothing the soul
thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

hye..i would love to be a volunteer in any nursing homes.juz wanna get started but i don't know how.i'm still a student and my schedule quite pack,so difficult for me to join any organizations.any suggestions?

shelbybaby said...

hello, which of the orphanage is situated in taman megah?

Swiss Palma said...

Hi all,

For information pertaining to the nearest old folks home or orphanage to you, pls log in to:


Don & Anne said...

Thank you for the contacts...handy indeed.
God Bless

drmadhu said...

Dear Swiss Palma:

Hello.. This is the first time i am reading your blog and i am really taken back. Now i know there are still people who care for others and the less fortunates. I have always wanted to help.
I have a chindian group... A group where most of them in our group are mixtures of chinese and indians parents. We have thought that instead of being just a group tat loves to meet and have fun, we want to start to make a change to others too..and your blog has really inspired me a lot. We all would love to join you during the next visits.
Thank you so much.

PinkAddict said...

really appreciate your blog as this helps as a window to the world of people who are in need. this way we know where to go and visit those in need... keep up the great work!