Wednesday, 7 February 2007


I came across this man sitting on a wheel chair selling some daily household products and Chinese New Year decorative items in a fresh market near my home one morning.

I was drawn by the wheelchair and went to his stall to take a closer look at what he has to offer. Honestly, it is obvious that his goods are not as attractive as similar products sold by the guy next stall to his. But this is a real world out there, of which he has to compete side by side with every ordinary man to make a living.

In spite of his physical disability, this man is certainly not handicapped at heart. From the manner he conducted his business, he possessed the right attitude and see things very positive in life. “No problem if people don't buy from me, there will always be another customer forthcoming“ so he said with a smile.

While Chinese New Year is around the corner, most households are busy catching up with the preparation work. From buying new clothes to food, ang-pow money, prayer stuff and gifts for relatives and friends, one has to ensure that they are well "equipped" or rather, have enough money to spend in a New Year. What more to those less fortunate ones as the sole bread winner?

Behind the smile, I can see the sheer pressure in a handicap man to provide a happy "Chinese New Year" for his family!

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