Monday, 12 February 2007


She is a saviour to the helpless, the homeless, the aged and the abandoned. Her relentless persue in helping the needy has resulted in her being nominated Social Worker of the Year 2002, Wendy Yap is certainly a woman with a big heart.

Started 15 years back doing charity work through the church, Wendy was aware that she would not be able to contribute effectively and meaningfully to the needy should she be continuing cooking and cleaning in the old folks homes and the orphanages. It was then that she began to set up food fairs in Kajang in order to raise funds for the needies. Besides getting support from the well wishers, todate Wendy has managed to garner help from businessmen and kind hearted philanthropists into donating a total of 13 houses and shoplots to the Old Folks, the Orphans, the Disabled and the Drug Addicts which house not less than 300 people.

Other than managing the homes she helped to set up, Wendy also provides counseling services, going from house to house seeking out families in crisis, visiting the sick patients in hospitals, and receiving the abandoned ones sent by the relevant Government Agencies.

If you need help or wish to help, Wendy can be contacted at 012-2380043.

"When you give Love, there is hope" - Wendy Yap.

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