Monday, 18 February 2008

Love is all around!

We were treated to a sweet surprise after coming home from shopping on Valentine's day last week.

Both Vivian and Villi had "conspired" to put up these flowers, chocolate and card in our bedroom to give us a surprise. Villi cycled all the way to a nearby shop at Taipan to buy those roses before we arrived home; At top dollars, for sure. Although I felt that they shouldn't spent so much on a day that is mainly celebrated by young couples, but deep inside us, we were truly touched by their thoughtfulness and the creativity on the handmade card. We love you, kiddos.

Our message to:
Vivian, wishing you a smooth journey back to uni and a successful year ahead in your studies.
Villi, wishing you a fruitful SPM this year with flying colours. Bear with the tight schedules, we know you can make it!

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