Monday, 25 February 2008

Catch up at Caring Old Folks

I managed to catch up with Wendy Yap, the Founder of Caring Old Folks Home in Kajang last week when I dropped by to visit the seniors there.

Wendy is truly a devoted Social Worker with 12 years experience in helping the needy. It is undoubtedly that the blood flowing inside her is filled with kindness and compassion, many people who received her help would agree to it.

On and off you can pick up some in our local newspapers that carry write ups on how she helped people that were on the verge of collapse; including single mothers, senior citizens, orphans, drug addicts and abused women. Here are some of her recent works; testimonies of her Godly work

I had also featured her in my last year She is truly a Saviour to the helpless. Our society is indeed lucky to have someone as devoted as her who dedicate most of her time serving the .

It was a nice catching up session and she had asked me to help source from kind like you who are reading my blog, to donate things that she needs for both of her homes, namely Caring Old Folks Home and Rumah Love and Care which are located not far away from each other in Kajang.

If you wish to donate the following items, please donate them to Wendy's homes directly or you can contact me and I can help channel the items to her.

The contact is as follows:

Caring Old Folks Home
11, Jalan Muhibah 7
Taman Muhibah
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-87377680
Handphone:012-2380043 (Wendy)

Things Needed:
1. Van
2. Computer set with printer
3. Fax machine
4. CD / Radio Player / VCD Player
5. Sponsor for the old van's repair
6. Sponsor for Electricity and Water bill
7. Sponsor for repair the underground and roof leakage
8. Mosquito screens for both homes
9. Refrigerator
10. Plastic chairs/ stools
11. Non stick wok, pots, pans and cutleries
12. Plants pruning scissors
13. Dustpan & Brooms (soft and hard)
14. Bedsheets, towels and pillows

1. Rice, cooking oil, milo, anlene milk powder
2. Kicap
3. Barli and rock sugar
4. Yee Mee, Meehoon, Maggie Mee, Ikan Bilis
5. Both big and small onions, garlic, potatoes

Household Items
1. Floor tiles cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet paper
2. Washing powder, dish wash detergent, shower cream & soap, soap dish
3. Tooth paste, soft and medium tooth brush
4. Black garbage bag

Nursing Care
1. Adult diapers
2. Dettol antiseptic
3. Gloves
4. Medicated patch

1. Garden planting soil
2. Spades

This world needs a lot more people like you, because I know that you are a kind person, because your

Kindness in words creates confidence
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.

~Lao Tzu

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