Thursday, 21 February 2008

Shepherd's Centre Foundation

If you see Ah Seng eating an apple, pls tell him to stop.

He is in no condition to consume anything without prior approval from his guardian, David.

Today when we dropped by to visit Shepherd's Centre, Ah Seng was caught "red-handed". He was given half a piece of apple by an old aunt and was then immediately told by Mr Clement, the Centre's Supervisor to check on his glucose level.

Ah Seng was born an acute diabetic that requires six insulin jabs a day. He can't do exercise like any other kids, he passes out whenever the sugar level escalates and exceeds the permitted limit. He is kept on guard by a senior boy at the Centre, David, who conducts jabs, medication and checks on his daily food intake.

He was by his parents from since young and was 'picked up' by Pastor Jacob David, the Chairman of Shepherd's Centre Foundation from a very far away village in Pahang. There were no visits from family members since.

After throwing away the half eaten apple to the bin, he quickly took out the medical kit and started poking into one of his fingers for a small drop of blood to test for sugar level in his body.

So, the reading was 6.6 and he was ecstatic. I asked him why was he so relief? His answer was so saddening that he said he will not be able to eat rice or do anything but to stand and wait for the sugar level drop back to normal if the reading is high. We were silent for a while...tell me why life is so unfair to such a small and innocent little boy?

This is my third visit to Shepherd's Centre. Along with Vivian and Villi, we delivered some CNY cookies and also contributed Ang Pow money to the Centre.

This is also one of the ways Vivian celebrated her 21st birthday by visiting the and

Sharing with you here are some of the latest development at the Centre:

This is Ah Seng's milk powder। One of the reasons why the Centre is facing financial difficulties...can you imagine the maintenance cost of having eight terminally ill children on board?

From left- Mr Clement, one of the residents of the old folks home, Vivian and Villi, foreground- Ah Seng

David is seen here applying lotion to Jabez, who is suffering from skin irritation and has a hole in his heart. The Centre had nurtured him from bedridden condition when he came until today that he walks freely, do you consider him a miracle boy?

Workshop for the Industrial Arts Program

Boys are seen washing the Centre's vehicles

Place of worship

Shepherd's Centre currently shelters 91 children comprising 18 girls and 73 boys out of which 8 children are terminally ill.
They also have in their care 13 homeless senior citizens.

By way of giving your kind donation in any form, you have brought

...hope to the hopeless
... vision to the blind
... mobility to the lame
... strength to the weak and
... health to the sickly


Pastor Jacob David
Tel: 03-87231213
H/P: 019-2662525

Donation in cheque please make payable to:

"Shepherd's Centre Foundation"
Office: 20, Taman Aik Ann, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Foster Home: No:23, Jalan Besar, Taman Hiew Piew, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-87231212/1214
Fax: 03-8723 4243

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Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Hi! Thanks for putting my blog site at ur blog.
You are really kind and generous that you visiting all the charity homes.
I hope I can be like you, can give out more help to those unfortunate people. I really can't stand and feel heart sick to see them in these type of situation or environment.
You have taught your kids very well, and they have a buddha heart like you.