Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram - Update 2

This is the current state of Sinthamani as of 10 July 2009. Photos courtesy of Mr Thiagu (please ignore the date shown in the pictures).

Followed up with Mr Thiagu today to round up our sponsorship as promised per my last posting.

Work is still in progress for the overall flooring works and the construction of the walls are going to be completed soon. Probably another 4 to 5 days time, the electrical works will commence.

After receiving 3 quotations, we have zeroed in to the most reasonably priced electrical supplier, "Perfect Lighting" to deliver the goods next week.

We have decided to sponsor the fluorescent lighting and ceiling fans instead of electrical wiring works because these fittings are more expensive compared to the rest of the items in the wish list from Mr Thiagu (As shown below). This way will help Mr Thiagu tremendously in sourcing sponsorship.

There is still a distance to go for the home to be completed, overall construction works have so far reached 60% stage of completion. How about the girls side? I asked. "Well, we could only pray hard for miracles to happen" said Mr Thiagu.

I can't blame him for feeling helpless at times, because Sinthamani's destiny is very much dependent on good Samaritans like you, who cares to read on...


Pls stay tuned to the updates after the delivery.
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To contact Mr Thiagu and the rest of the home caretakers, kindly call:
1. Praveendran : 016-9046358
2. Thiagu : 016-9216358 3. Thila : 017-6108070

Presently they need items like:
Timber 2/3-20 feet=100 pcs and
Plywood 6mm=200 pcs

Can someone help them?

This is the wish list from Mr Thiagu to complete the electrical fittings
You may want to consider giving some contributions?

This is our purchase invoice which has fulfilled the donations pledged by Mr Gan Hai Toh and Ms Tai Sook Yee
Thank you so much for your generousity!

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