Wednesday, 18 July 2007

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I called up Ms Tee Hui Yee's father last week to find out about her latest development. Mr Tee said that she is much better now compared to a few weeks back when the infection has taken a toll on her. However, there is still no break thru on the news of the heart donor.

Since last September 2006, Hui Yi has been warded at the Institute Jantung Negara (IJN). She is surviving on an external battery operated Mechanical Heart device to keep her heart pumping. And that equipment is supposed to last for two years which means Hui Yi is racing against time.

Her name is on the top of the waiting list for an operation to take place to replace her heart. But according to Datin Dr Lela Yasmin Mansor, the co-ordinator to the National Transplant Resource Centre, there has been no heart transplant operation this year.

The first successful heart transplant in the country was done 10 years ago. Since then, there were 65 heart patients on the waiting list for suitable heart donors out of which 33 of them had lost the battle half way thru. Why are so few heart donors despite extensive awareness campaign on Organ Donation ? This question baffled me all the time.

I read about , especially the heart information over the internet very often. Trying to find a way to help Tee Hui Yi, or rather, to discover possible "miracles" with the hope that luck is on my side. From there, I have learnt that doctors only harvest organs that are free of drugs from the desired donors. Ironically, willing donors are normally patients who are drowned with high doses of prescribed drugs before they die.

In other words, hospitals and doctors are pleading with families of brain-dead accident victims to donate the organs of their loved ones. Transplant of the main organs like the heart, liver and kidney can only be carried out from brain-dead donors.

There are healthy people who have healthy organs dying from accidents everyday in Malaysia, and there are also people dying while waiting for suitable organ donors. Can the authorities please take some real and effective measures to bridge this 'gift of life' gap and help those in need of organ transplant?

This is the form to sign up for organ donation in Malaysia:

or you can log in HERE to print out one.



babe_kl said...

Hi there, I can't help but admire your dedication for all these causes.

Regarding this organ donation, it doesn't help when the center take so long to send out the form to us. we called up a few months back and till now, nothing came. So thanks for pointing the way to get the form.

Anonymous said...


Why Organ donation Campaign get low response? From my humble opinion and experience.

1 - Lack of public awareness.
Why? People see, people forget. they need constant reminder.
During the launch of the campaign, it was a WOW ... 2 weeks down the road no body remember.

2 - Campaign need to be attractive,informative & impactful.
Remember we are persuading people to do something they are not ready / do not want to do.. (for whatever reason)

3 - Hassle FREE. (Accessibility of information)
Most of the interested donor find difficulties to get the Donor Registration Forms / infomation.

- Online Registration
- Download forms and email back
Fast and convenient (for donors & hospitals).
Malaysia + MSC = ??

4 - Follow Up
As babe_kl mentioned. I too have the experience to call up more than twice to get the Donor Registration Form to be send to my address.

On top of the mentioned, I would like to donate my bone marrow as well. Can we add in another column.

Thank you