Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A Test from GOD

Since the day I fell down, things started to go off track. I can't stop myself from thinking if 22nd July is a good day for the charity drive? Our plan to visit The Taman Megah Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home and The Handicapped and Disabled Children's Association of Klang was rescheduled once to suit our participants' timing and the idea of rescheduling for the second time does not reflect good on us as the homes too have other visitors to confirm and receive as well.

Little Valerie had fever two days after the fall together with me. Villi had the flu bug coming back from school. Went to the doctor on Saturday afternoon, it was closed for the day! Some of the participants dropped out due to unexpected circumstances that cropped out after their confirmation. The big time thunder and downpour came halfway in the afternoon while we were travelling in 8 cars visiting homes, my heart was throbbing worrying about everybody's safety. The knock down punch was my hubby, Valerie and myself "kena" Conjunctivitis (red sore eyes) after the visit ...

I was so so worried the morning before we departed. I turned up the volume of the chanting and pray to the Buddha for a smooth day and also take away the negative thoughts in me. I was hoping that my prayers can calm me down from being further paranoid. So, with a limping leg, we headed to the meeting point...

at 10.30am Sungei Rasah Toll Plaza ... fine weather

Auntie Onn, The Hair Dresser... who sacrificed a day of business in her saloon and joined us for a good cause

This is my doctor...the Chinese "Si Fu" who treated my sprained ankle. So kind of her to join us without any hesitation when heard about this activity

Good thing is the young ones are joining

Mr Morgan, The Founder of The Handicapped and Disabled Children Association of Klang is giving a welcome briefing

One part of us listening attentively to Mr Morgan

Sharing time with the kids

Remember little Hong Hong, suffering from bone cancer, holes in heart and down syndrom has put on a little weight compared to few months back and he can wave goodbye to us now

This charming little girl is too hyperactive that she got to be grounded all the times

Having lunch together with the children

The Home's chef, Malini has a sad story to tell too, her son is suffering from fluid retention in the brains and she is now two months pregnant with a husband a psychiatric patient...

Penny is busy giving away sweets to the children

They can do Macarena dance better than anyone of us, want to bet?

These are the things that we brought, the home also requested for special milk powder like Pediasure for children who cannot digest with ordinary milk formula like others

We also brought along home stitched blankets ... done by my maid, Endang

This Indonesian Maid has been with The Taman Megah Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home for 10 years now, hats off for her dedication

These children are aged between 10 to 17 years old now, their physical appearance do not reflect their age due to the illness

The physio therapists are in to give a much needed massage session

Villi caught up with these kids again whom he promised from the last visit. Shanthi, his favourite girl, can't wait to sing song with him

Steven and his family mingled well with the kids, a very educational trip for our juniors

Karin and daughter, Alvyna (sat beside her) joined in despite the heavy downpour on arrival at The Taman Megah Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home

In summary, the objective of these home visits is to raise awareness to everyone the sufferings and pain that these highly dependent children have to endure in their not very long journey in life, so that we can spare some of our time and money to care for them and do our part as a blessed normal and healthy human being on this earth, which we thank God for it.

If you have time, head over to viili's blog for his version of the visit.

Before I conclude this entry, I would like to thank my friends and relatives who have participated in this event whole heartedly. I was so touched to see the bountiful love and emotion showered unreservedly to the kids.

Your absolute involvement in this visit by giving out donation generously in both cash and kind, with or without your presence, had made this visit a great success. For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


ad|nda said...

hi.. i went there this morning... this is my first time involving in charity thing.... seeing those childs there are very touching... i dun have many photos taken there since we were too bz entertaining the kids...


LxndreaSB said...

hi there.. i will be going to taman megah on the 26th july..
i need to post some pics. i hope you dont mind if i take some pics here.