Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Thank you Ah Pek

For the past few days I was overwhelmed by all kinds of medicine to cure my flu and the "about to come" fever...was lethargic and sickly. Got so shocked when I saw my blog was featured by "" last Saturday. It was indeed an honour to be chosen as the third feature blog since there were so many other worthy blogs waiting on queue. For this, I must say a BIG thank you Ah Pek for lending me a helping hand!

I must be frank to admit that my blog is not as receptive as others as the contents do not interest many. Some say you go see her blog if you have got some extra cash to spare, that hurts me a little.

I am not English educated and therefore, I can't blog fluently like many other bloggers. I poured my heart and soul into writing and sought help from some Chinese-English idiom dictionaries and Thesaurus to complete the job. A lot of tears flowed behind the scene whenever I blog because the memories of these unfortunate children will cloud my mind and wouldn't go away many days after the visits.

My hubby is my 'P.A.', he edits all my write ups and help me moderate certain articles that I can't expressively convey. Kudos to you luv.

Lastly, I thank you all who visited my blog and commented in; With all your encouraging words, you have spurred me on and in there, you have also sent the message of LOVE to the world!

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1 comment:

Ah Pek said...

you are most welcomed, my dear jenny.

keep up the god work.