Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Don't let Nurin Jazlin die in vain


I am blogging a little bit here on the above topic with the hope of creating awareness to the many cases that happened to our society recently; in regards to the safety of our children.

The brutal attack and violent abuse to Nurin Jazlin shocked the nation. She was a naive and defenseless 8 year old child. She was starved without solid food for 1 month since her abduction and was sexually abused by being stuffed with a cucumber into her vagina and followed with a brinjal into her anus that caused a rupture into her intestine, which resulted in great pain and she finally died from infections caused by the multiple abuses and injuries inflicted onto her body. She cried so much until her tears crystallised around her eyes lashes. Bruises were seen around her eyes and behind her ears. Her legs' were broken so that her body can fit into the sports bag that was found outside the stairway of a shop office near Petaling Jaya Utama last Monday, 17 September 2007.

No man on earth can ever visualise the torments Nurin had gone thru during those last moments of her life. The "worse than animal" assailant should be hunted down and brought to face the severe punishments that equal to the sufferings of Nurin. Justice must be served for the sake of Nurin and her family.

Nurin was last seen being carted away by a man in a white van while on her way to a night market 500m from her home. Her wish to buy a nice hair clip can never be fulfilled. She made a mistake that night, that was she went out there alone ...

Nurin is amongst the 17 children who were on the Police list of missing children in our country. This is an alarming sign that requires serious attention from all quarters and preventive measures must be taken to help curb this accelerating statistic.

I wish to share with you some of the following information provided by pertaining to the SAFEKIDS Strategy, which are very useful tips especially to parents with young children:

S is for Surrounding.
Be vigilant and alert in new or familiar surroundings.
Be sensitive if somebody is following or observing you and your family.

A is for Avoid.
Advise your children to avoid invitations or food from strangers, unless you are around to approve it.
Tell them its okay to say "no" to strangers or people they are uncomfortable with.

F is for Freedom
Give your children the freedom to tell you anything and everything without fear of reproach.
Remember. The victim is never at fault.
Encourage your children to inform you about events or people they are uncomfortable with.

E is for Educate
Educate your child about the various risks and dangers on a regular basis.(Emphasis on the word regular.)
Make clear what is appropriate or inappropriate.
Stay vigilant on new risks and update both you and your child's knowledge.
Education involves both theory and practice.

K is for Know.
Know where your child is or is going to be, at ALL times.
Check on them as often as you can.

I is for Identify.
Identify changes in your child's character or behavior, especially if
they become fearful, withdrawn or moody without reason.

D is for Details.

Don't reveal any personal details about yourself or your family
unnecessarily (this applies to both adults and children)

S is for Security.
This last 'S' should be obvious.
Locks that are not locked are no locks at all, and locks that lock even their owners are TRAPs. What security measures are in place at home, while driving, at school and so forth?
Spend some time to think and identify areas for improvement.


May Nurin's soul rest in peace.
To the parents of Nurin, May the almighty God give you strength and faith to carry on.


Angela said...

That was truly hurtful to read...

Susanno said...


Thx for sharing this great value

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Tembam said...

Hi Swiss Palma, nice blog. I read your post about Nurin. Do you know that there are a group of bloggers calling for the setting of the NURIN Alert to help save missing children alive. Please join the Citizens for NURIN Alert (CFNA)in calling for the system. Read about NURIN Alert in the latest issue of TELL magazine available in all bookstores. It's for the children as we don't want another Nurin ever again.