Thursday, 20 September 2007


Vivian seems to be doing well in Brisbane after 2 months of "adjustment" to settle into her new life alone. She left in July, 2007 for the University of Queensland to further her studies in Marine Science.

At the beginning, I used to "catch" her thru MSN on most days while she was studying in her room. Kind of worry if she is making new friends around. Soon, my worry was proven undue. She managed to locate her church, The Seventh Day Adventist "SDA" not far from the city and from there, her time was quite filled by the uni and church activities.

Though both of us, mother and daughter, do not share the same religion, but we respected each other's faith in god, and it definitely did not affect our bonding. She shares most of what's happenning around her with me, right from her daily food, friends, classes, interests to romance (a little of it) and also her faith in God. I am relief that she is well on the right path to shape her own future and I pray that God will give her the strength to overcome every obstacle in life.

The pictures shown below were taken during one of Vivian's church activities, visiting a Nursing Home:

Outside the home, slow down!

Old folks gather around for some fun time with the church members

Time to mingle

Prayer before leaving

Vivian (left) met with Sasa, a church mate from Singapore

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