Saturday, 15 September 2007


Many thanks to Xim Phou Moon Welfare Society Malaysia! You have taken off the biggest headache from me recently for helping me a great deal in carting away the bulky furnitures from my old house.

I was a little bit puzzled earlier on how to remove those fairly sizable furnitures from the house before handing over to the new owner. Probably I have to pay a few hundred bucks to hire lorry and workers to do the job, I thought to myself.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that why don't I donate them instead of paying someone else to do the work? Most importantly, I can "kill two birds with one stone". So, I called up this contact in my handphone of a recycling centre and a friendly lady responded immediately with an appointment to view the items.

As promised, a man came over with this "transport" on that day:

He emptied my house with three lorry loads filled with sofa set, beds with mattresses, cupboards, two dining set with chairs, half moon table with vase, artificial tree, shoe rack, two study tables with chairs, book shelves, hi-fi set with speakers, stand and table lamps, decorative items and many bags of clothings, shoes and kitchen wares. As they drove off with the last load of furniture, I felt good about it as I know that these items will be of some use to those in need, although some of the items are old but I also gave away some reasonably new and good looking items so that they will be reused directly or they may sold to raise funds for charitable causes!

Villi is seen helping out too! Another way to show his support to recycle for charity

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