Friday, 7 September 2007


This is an unbelievable act.

One of our local councils- The Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) had launched a "brilliant" competition to catch stray dogs in its municipal. See Malay Mail today.

According to the MPS website, residents’ associations would be awarded RM20 for each live stray surrendered to the council.

Winners will be picked every six months and to qualify for the three top prizes — RM15,000, RM13,000 and RM11,000 — more than 150 dogs must be caught within six months.

The association that catches the most strays would also be rewarded with a RM2,000 consolation prize if the target of 150 dogs is not achieved.

It even stated that all dogs must be surrendered to the council "alive" and to be accompanied by photograph as prove for each catch!

I can't believe that such a cruel thought can be brought up for discussion in the first place. Scenes of harming and beating the animals with tools and all sorts of methods used by people who are eagerly going after the prize money is simply beyond one's imagination. Let alone the chain of effects kicked up by this competition where residents start to report lost of canines, people injured by the enraged dogs, fighting for the prize money...and so on.

Dogs are like human, they have life and senses too. They are not here to take our life and why should we attack them in such a brutal way? Can't the authority work with SPCA or any animal shelters to find out a long term solution in solving this issue?

You can help them before it's too late. Sign your support today and keep the good karma going.

Introducing Hannah, our little princess

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