Monday, 8 October 2007

Tee Hui Yee

Hui Yee is reported to be in stable condition, able to respond to questions asked by the Doctors and attempted to speak. It is a piece of good news to all who cared and worried for Hui Yee after she rejected the first heart donated by a 15 year old Malay boy from Ipoh. Doctors are "cautiously" relief now as she is still being cared for intensively in the ICU.

While she is resting and getting stronger by the day. Let us not forget those who contributed selflessly in this holy month of Ramadhan, to accomplish this almost "impossible mission" under the Divine blessing.

First in line is the team of IJN's "worn-out" but heartening Doctors headed by Dr Mohamed Ezani Md Taib who worked 24 hours non-stop to save Hui Yee's life. The same team who harvested and transplanted the heart TWICE for Hui Yee in 16 hours.

Not forgetting the Heart Transplant co-ordinator Noorsalina Othman who has not gone home for 3 consecutive days to care for Hui Yee's case. She was a pillar of strength to Hui Yee's parents during those roller coaster times involving the two heart transplant surgeries over the span of 16 hours.

Besides these great personalities, there are scores of unsung heroes behind the scene that had helped made the operations successful, they are the hospital's supporting staff, nurses, drivers, and the personnels from the RMAF mercy flight, the police and every man on the move who put the entire act together and made this Godly task work.

My salutes to the 2 donors' families who have agreed to donate their respective child's heart (and other organs as well) unconditionally. This is such a dignified way to carry on the life of the loved ones. You have sent waves of change to the nation through your unselfish act. People are now more receptive to pledge their organs for donation regardless of race, religion or faith.

We share your loss, but we cherish your wisdom!

Hui Yee's mum is seen hugging IJN Heart Transplant co-ordinator Noorsalina Othman to express her gratitude with dad as Dr Mohamed Ezani Md Taib looks on - picture courtesy of The Star on-line

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lynnx01 said...

Amazing indeed. It is such a major op and a big achievement for the country.