Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I can't bear to see her face in the newspaper yesterday. It was a heart rending sight.

I have been following up on the progress of Tee Hui Yee's well being constantly but I dare not call up too many times to check on her progress knowing that this will burden her and her family even more emotionally.

Hui Yee has been living on a mechanical heart for a year now, and she is counting her days as there is sort of a "deadline" to the device that is hooked on to a battery to keep the mechanical heart pumping. She has another 365 days to live, if she fails to find a suitable heart donor by then. Can you imagine the feeling of knowing your life will end in a year's time? That is very horrifying isn't it? More so to a young girl at the tender age of 14. She has been losing appetite and weighs a mere 33kg. Food supplements are fed thru her nose via a tube. Tee's condition will continue to deteriorate as she suffers reduced heart function. Time is simply running out.

Though there are many fatal accident victims everyday but hospitals are unable to harvest the organs of these victims as they did not pledge to donate their organs. As such, IJN (Institute Jantung Negara), where Tee Hui Yee is admitted, has arranged for a press conference 2 days ago to highlight to the public the importance of Organ Donation.

Both mother and daughter were reduced to tears after watching the video on her life in IJN for the past year where she called home. Reporters who attended the conference cried too. Tell me who would not be touched by such a scene?

This is the 4th time I am using this blog as a platform to highlight Hui Yee's predicament, praying and hoping that a miracle will happen.

Out of desperation, can someone please come forward to help with solutions, suggestions or ideas like maybe the source to obtain a heart from willing donor(s)? Be it from anywhere in this world. We just need a slightest hint to raise the chance. This may sound incredible and naive, but this come from a layman with a sincere heart to help her country girl.

I promise I will do my very best to help, so that Tee can live on and have a normal life. Please drop me a line if you have such information. Thank you and God bless you!

p/s - pictures of Tee from Utusan Melayu and NST.


babe_kl said...

hi i just read this earlier today and i cant help to let you know that Hui Yee got a heart transplanted already!!! there is indeed hope in life!!!

read more here

Anonymous said...

Your prayers answered :)
Very happy for her.

At the same, condolences to the organ donor's family, bless them for giving the girl a chance to live.

littlepolaris said...

they didn't give out Hui yee's contact number hor? i wish I could go give her a hug.

Swiss Palma said...

Yuin Yin, you can call up IJN and ask for Chempaka ward, she was there the last time before the heart transplant, now is in ICU. I am sure you will visit her if you are in KL.
~ Cheers to you and her!