Friday, 19 October 2007

TI-RATANA WELFARE SOCIETY - Part one - old folks home

The Founder and Advisor to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, Ven. Kirinde Dhammaratana Maha Nayaka Thera

A fatherly figure to all children, he is a mentor, a spiritual leader and a source to compassion and loving-kindness. Many people turn to him for guidance, support, problem solving and in the lowest part of the time in life. He has my utmost respect for his lifetime dedication to help the poor and the underprivileged

The main building that houses the orphanage and activity hall

This is the men's section of the old folks home. Everyone has a bed and locker for their personal belongings. There are volunteers who come periodically to help clean the place and spend time with the old folks. Often the Buddhist groups are seen here praying together with the old folks and guide them thru the Buddhism teachings, so that the old folks can find peace in the golden years of their lives.

Old uncle said he is happy here, although he could not walk but he is happy that he found peace here. No quarrels compared to staying at home, nobody to fight with and life is more at ease now.

Villi was chatting up with this cheerful old "kung-kung" and you can see another sitting down quietly without responding to us much...later we found out that he has hearing problems. He looks like a loner though...

This uncle shared with us the stories of his service in the British Army when he was young. He lost a leg to diabetes and now requires regular insulin jabs. But he remains calm and jovial in the daily chantings. He is confined to his bed and the chair next to him. We promised to bring him more Buddhism books on the next visit.
We wouldn't forget you dear uncle, my son was telling me on our way home. Emotions choked-up with visuals of those uncles waving us goodbye ... see you soon.

At the last hours of their journey, old folks will be accompanied by group of Buddhists and spiritual leader who pray for the departure so that the passing is at the most peaceful manner

Entrance to the admin office

This is the home for the women, which is adjacent to the men's.

I will share with you more about the orphanage and the single mothers at Ti-Ratana on my coming posting. Stay tune my friends

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