Tuesday, 2 October 2007

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval

Who does not want to see pretty girl like this?

I was reading a blog that was linked to mine. She is a very brave girl and a role model to all Cancer Survivors. Her name is Yuin Yin. I admire her positive attitude towards life and her bubbly and witty self. You should drop by her blog to check out the pains and sufferings she battered thru the Cancer treatment. She walked out a champ!

I blog about her because I want to bring out people who are seeing things from a different perspective and dimension; It is about how you see a glass of water half full or half empty.

We should learn from people like her, who possessed analytical minds and wisdoms to filter those avertable grievances and anguishes, which often bring down our self esteem and spirits of fighting. I like what she wrote, "Our life is in our hand. How long you want to live and how happy you want it to be depends on your will. How determined are you to continue to live? I will never let the other 8% of chances of death to take my life away. Because I know I was here for a reason."
Don't you think that she deserves a big applause from all of us?

Rock on Yuin Yin, you have my most sincere and best wishes. Carry on the journey of life that is full of colours and excitements that awaits you. Don't forget, as your friend said of you, "you were made for the WEAK".


littlepolaris said...

hi jenny,
I'm suprised that you read my blog. Thank you for blogging about me. I grant you permission to curi my picture =). have a nice day.

Swiss Palma said...

Thanks Yuin Yin, your picture had definitely brightened up the blog! Take care of yourself. Drop by my blog whenever you are free. Cheers!