Tuesday, 23 October 2007

TI-RATANA WELFARE SOCIETY - Part two- The Orphanage

Christine, a staff from Ti-Ratana toured us around the children home on our visit there. We were not allowed to take photographs of the children as this can be a sensitive issue. All children came from different, out-of-the-ordinary and depressing background. Each of their privacy is highly guarded by Ti-Ratana to ensure that they grow up in a peaceful and warm place, no longer living with people who will hurt them.

What greeted us when we set foot in the compound was a group of children running happily playing amongst themselves. Some were seen sitting inside the main prayer's hall performing their routine chanting. It amused me to see many pairs of school shoes lined up to dry at the edge of the fencing with different sizes. Well it is a Sunday, I presumed these kids must have washed their school shoes by themselves. I can't help but to think of those lucky children waiting for their maids or mothers to do the job at home and they will be busy punching the keyboard playing game...

We were told that there are more infants and baby starting from one month old who are housed at the highest floor of the building. They are kept at a more private floor to avoid unnecessary disturbance from the family and the general public. Most of them were born by the unwed and single mothers that come to Ti-Ratana for temporary shelter. I bet you when you see these lovely kiddos, your heart will cry for them. Where are their parents? How can they be so cruel to abandon these innocent and beautiful children and let them fend for themselves at this tender age?

It is fortunate that they found solace in this place where love is in abundance and the people who cared for them are truly a devoted and committed lot.

While T-Ratana is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, let me share with you some of the pictures of their day to day lives courtesy from the anniversary print-out. For you who are touched by the plights of these children, go visit them and send in your contributions to help Ti-Ratana realise its wish to build a Children's Court to replace the present old and worn out building.

Ti-Ratana Welfare Society Print
Persatuan Kebajikan Ti-Ratana

Lot 16106, Jalan 13 B,
Salak South Bahru (Desa Petaling),
Kuala Lumpur

E-mail: admin@ti-ratana.org.myThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +603-7988 1818
Fax: +603-7988 1888
Founder/Advisor: Chief Rev K Dhammaratana is celebrating one of the children's birthday in a Buddhism way

Since young they are being taught and grown up in Buddhism's teaching

No more lonely nights, no more fear of sleeping in the dark, we have found company and friendship and more importantly soul mates to grow up with.

In this big family, I have learnt to take care of myself, I will be more independent and strong and become a useful person to the society.

Every morning auntie will be giving us pocket money before going to school. These are the money contributed by all the very kind hearted people. We will be very careful in our spending and learn not to be spendthrift.

We are ferried to and from school by aunties and uncles who drive the school buses, vans or cars, come rain or shine

We understand that education is the way to change the course of one's life. And we are determined to make it happen

Aunties made a variety of food for us everyday, she changes her menus and methods of cooking leaving no room for complaints or excuses to skip meals. A well-fed stomach ensures a well-developed brain - such is auntie's principle


Anonymous said...

Please visit Ti-Ratana Welfare Society often. The children & senior citizen of Ti-Ratana looking forward for your visit and need your support.
From a volunteer of Ti-Ratana

a volunteer said...

Yes, I truly agreed with you.I really cried during my first visit there. Childrens there are very lovely,cute,innocent.Why their parent's can be so cruel to them? They really in need of your visit and help. Lets put our hands together to help as much as we can. Thanks.